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BAZAAR's 2019 Anti-Aging Awards

“Meet The Experts Behind the 2019 Anti-Aging Awards”

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Risky Business: Cosmetic procedures don't always go as planned

“You want to go with someone who has performed at least [1000] total injections; they've worked out the kinks. ”


Harper's Baazar

November 2020  

“...the ability to use data in a way that removes doubt for consumers...”

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November 2020  

A Little Help Here

“Atolla Skin Health Plan...couples its online questionnaire with...”

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Women's Wear Daily

January 2020  

Digital Download: Atolla Receives Patent for Adjustable Skin Analysis System

“...skincare that is predictive, rather than reactive.”



October 2019  

Best of Beauty Behind The Scenes

“The Judges”

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Harper's Baazar

October 2019  

Look Better Naked

“...Those are the places people don't protect...”

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October 2019  

How To Speak Injectables

“Because it occurs naturally in the skin, it is far less likely to cause...”

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May 2019  

2019 Best Beauty Buys

“Thank You To Our Pros”

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Boston Common

May 2019  

A Perfect Face

“We can accurately predict...”

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