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BAZAAR's 2019 Anti-Aging Awards

“Meet The Experts Behind the 2019 Anti-Aging Awards”

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Boston Magazine


The Top Doctors

“Someone comes in for a consult and I say, 'We can go ahead, or you can wait a few months for a trial.' [The trials are chances for] patients to give feedback and be on the front line. It's almost like a little club.”

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Risky Business: Cosmetic procedures don't always go as planned

“You want to go with someone who has performed at least [1000] total injections; they've worked out the kinks. ”


Harper's Baazar

March 2019  

2019 Anti-Aging Awards

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The Times

February 2019  

Does Your Skincare Spark Joy?

“Facial care has become unnecessarily complicated...”


Family Circle

January 2019  

Best Face Forward

“A key ingredient for treating wrinkles is...”

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November 2018  

Show of Hands

“...I can look at a patient's fingernails and know...”

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November 2018  

Behind The Scenes

“...our esteemed panel of dermatologists...”

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The Talko

October 2018  

FDA Approves Filler To Treat Aging Hands

“...and results that make people very, very happy.”

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July 2018  

The top 10 sunburn-soothing products, according to dermatologists

“...which is ideal for parched, burned skin.”

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