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February 2012  

How To Fake A Good Night's Sleep

“The slight scrubbing action encourages cell turnover...making you look immediately fresher.”

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Daily Glow

December 2011  

85 Most Innovative Beauty Products of 2011

“Beauty awards: What to spend your money on...”



June 2011  

Sizing Up Your Sunscreen

“Look for something on the label that says 'Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection' ...”


April 2011  

5 Beauty Myths Debunked

“Puffiness under the eyes? Zapping zits?”


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September 2010  

Solving Oily Skin

“They either serve to decrease the amount of sebum, or oil production in the skin, or alternatively they act as something like a liquid sponge.”

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July 2010  

Get Glowing Skin Without Makeup!

“People think sunscreen is only for sunny days, but the sun's UV rays can damage skin any time it's light out, not only when the sun is shining”


WBZ CBS Boston

July 2010  

New Products Help Treat Oily Skin

“Men who are not comfortable using something like a makeup to cover a shiny face, often are delighted with the ability to absorb shine built into a sunscreen or anti-acne treatment, so we really open the door to having this very vexing problem dealt with for a very large array of consumers.”



May 2010  

Sunscreen Facts You Need To Know

“Sunscreen is a misconstrued skin care category.”


WBZ CBS Boston

January 2010  

Several New Ingredients Could Help Your Skin

“Look for several new ingredients that are now on the market that have good research behind them and come in a wide variety of price points. ”


WBZ CBS Boston

October 2009  

Age Spots Aren't Just For Older People Anymore

“We're seeing them these days younger and younger and younger as more and more people go out into the sun without protection.”

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