April 2018  

One Of These Tightening Neck Creams Is Sold Every Minute And We Found Out Why

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New Telegraph

April 2018  

Bathing Every Day Raises Risk Of Infections

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Mother Nature Network

April 2018  

What Does Toner Do For Your Skin?

“ rarely the suitable approach...”



April 2018  

Vitamins for your hair, nails, and skin are everywhere on Instagram. Don’t fall for them.

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The Independent

April 2018  

How To Use Facial Scrubs Without Irritating Your Skin

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Men's Health

March 2018  

The Best Shampoos to Get Rid of Dandruff

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mes health2

Men's Health

March 2018  

8 Skincare Products You Should Be Using Right Now

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mes health

Herald of Fashion

February 2018  

Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes With These Easy Remedies

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December 2017  

These Cool Jelly Face Masks Are Exactly What Your Skin Needs This Winter

“'s less about the mask type and really about...”



December 2017  

Those Tiny Around-the-Eye Wrinkles Known as "Crow's-Feet" Have A Surprising Benefit

“...Crow’s-feet speak of a joyous life laughing, and that is truly beautiful.”

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