The Zoe Report

March 2021  

Confused About Exfoliating Toners? Here’s How & When To Use Them

“The difference is that...”


The Zoe Report

March 2021  

Witch Hazel Is The Old-School Ingredient Your Skin Care Routine Needs Now

“...leading to overly-stripped skin.”


The Zoe Report

February 2021  

Is Slugging The Biggest Winter Skin Care Trend? Experts Discuss

“...the most misunderstood ingredient in skin care.”



February 2021  

The Year’s Biggest Beauty Trend Involves Throwing Away Your Skincare Products

“Healthy skin has...”


The Zoe Report

February 2021  

Do Beauty Supplements Really Work? TZR Breaks It Down

“ inherently problematic because...”


New York Magazine

February 2021  

Some of My Favorite Beauty Products Are (Heavily) on Sale Right Now

“This lightweight mineral sunscreen is a favorite of dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.”


Wall Street Journal

January 2021  

Aging in Quarantine? It’s Been Fast and Furious

“...the advice I offer daily to my patients is...”

Wall Street Journal2


December 2020  

Did Your Make-Out Session Go a Little Too Far? Here Are 15 Ways to Get Rid of That Hickey

“...has been shown to speed up the healing of bruises...”


The Wall Street Journal

December 2020  

We Tested 50 Face Moisturizers to Find the Best

“...will make you look better.”

Wall Street Journal

Well + Good

December 2020  

Powder Cleanser is the Best Way To Exfoliate Without Wrecking Your Skin Barrier, According to a Derm

“The most important thing to remember is...”

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