Cosmetic Dermatology
Acne Scars

With new cosmetic developments occurring at such a fast pace, Dr. Hirsch urges all patients to make certain that they work with an experienced, board-certified dermatologist to ensure proper safety with treatment. Never be afraid to ask your physician about their training and qualifications, or what their experience is with a particular procedure or device. Since any type of procedure can carry potential side effects, it is crucial to entrust your face and body only to qualified, experienced hands.

All acne scars are not created equal; therefore, Dr Hirsch will combine several non-invasive procedures to minimize the cosmetic appearance of acne's remnants. Dr. Hirsch approaches acne scars with several modalities to give significant cosmetic improvement. Done at monthly intervals, dermal filler injections, laser toning, and non ablative laser resurfacing are able to improve the clinical appearance of scars.