Laser Surgery
Laser Resurfacing

With laser and light technology development happening at such a fast pace, Dr. Hirsch urges all patients to make certain that they work with a board-certified dermatologist experienced in laser therapy to ensure proper safety with treatment. Never be afraid to ask your physician about their training and qualifications, or what their experience is with a particular procedure or device. Since any type of procedure can carry potential side effects, it is crucial to entrust your face and body only to qualified, experienced hands.

Laser resurfacing is a tremendous advance in treating wrinkles and certain scars. Using a highly sophisticated resurfacing laser, we can gently and precisely remove sun-damaged, aging, or acne-scarred skin, layer-by-layer, helping to protect and stimulate regeneration of new collagen and firmer appearing skin. The resurfacing laser uses a precise beam of light to vaporize scars, lines, and wrinkles. Laser light penetrates to controlled depths, making the procedure very precise and safe. This is a procedure with downtime and not for everyone. Dr. Hirsch will help you decide if you are an appropriate candidate.