Laser Surgery
Laser Treatment of Broken Blood Vessels and Facial Redness

With laser and light technology development happening at such a fast pace, Dr. Hirsch urges all patients to make certain that they work with a board-certified dermatologist experienced in laser therapy to ensure proper safety with treatment. Never be afraid to ask your physician about their training and qualifications, or what their experience is with a particular procedure or device. Since any type of procedure can carry potential side effects, it is crucial to entrust your face and body only to qualified, experienced hands.

Whether you're a man or a woman, you may have noticed fine, little red veins on the nose, chin, or cheeks that weren't there before. These are telangiectasias or facial spider veins, and they appear on both men and women as a normal part of aging. They can also result from pregnancy, childbirth, birth-control pills, estrogen-replacement therapy, sun damage, rosacea, and even corticosteroids. Although not usually a medical problem, telangiectasias can be an aesthetic one that make-up usually doesn't cover adequately.

Utilizing several laser technologies we are able to significantly diminish facial spider veins and rosacea in several quick, minimally uncomfortable 10-20 minute sessions. In the office, we have several laser and light systems that treat facial blood vessels and Dr. Hirsch will work with you to combine treatments for best results.